Heart Medical Europe B.V.

The Nykanen Radiofrequency Wire is intended to create an atrial septal defect in the heart. The Nykanen Radiofrequency Wire is also intended to create a controlled perforation in heart tissue.

  • General
  • Excellent Handling

    The wire handles like a coronary guidewire.

    • The wire has a flexible distal region that can be
    • manually bent and shaped with good memory.
    • Its rounded, atraumatic tip will not mechanically
    • perforate tissue. 
    • Its Teflon insulation facilitates smooth advancement
    • through guiding catheters.

    Designed For Quick Exchange

    • The proximal end of the wire has no fixed connector, which allows the BMC Coaxial Injectable
    • Catheter to be loaded over top of it.
    • Its ample length of 265 cm allows for the 180 cm
    • Coaxial Injectible Catheter to be loaded onto the
    • Nykanen wire outside of the patient.

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