Heart Medical Europe B.V.

Exceptional eye protection for neonatal phototherapy

Keeping eye shields in place over babies' eyes during phototherapy can be quite a challenge. The Biliband Eye Protector, with its unique design, provides a simple solution to this age-old problem.

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  • Features

    • Remains securely in place with unique Y-shaped design
    • Conforms to any head shape with easy-to-use adjustable tabs
    • Provides the best protection from phototherapy light
    • Special eye-pad material blocks harmful light to eyes, while headband design allows phototherapy light to reach baby's head
    • Safe and comfortable
  • We liked the Biliband better than the goggles our first preemie had to use! The goggles didn’t stay on nearly as well as the Biliband.
                             ~ Jason W., Greenwood, IN

  • Available in Multiple Sizes

    Size Head Circumference Part Number Packaging
    Regular 30-38 cm 900642 20 units/pk
    Premature 24-33 cm 900643 20 units/pk
    Micro 20-28 cm 900644 20 units/pk