Heart Medical Europe B.V.


Multi-Snare® Micro Sets

The Multi-Snare® Micro is a multiple, especially small retrieval loop for interventional (neuro-) radiology and cardiology. The highly-efficient, dual-plane design of the Multi-Snare® Micro device makes it possible to grasp objects from any angle.

  • General
  • Specifications
  • Applications

    • Positioning of grafts and implants
    • Grasping of attached catheters
    • Retrieval of catheters, misplaced implants or other foreign bodies
    • During cross-over procedures

    Product features

    • Multi-Snare®'s dual-plane system increases grasping efficiency offering loop and lateral catching possibility
    • Variable loop diameter for precise sizing of loop
    • Radiopaque loop, platinum coiled
    • Flexible nitinol core wire provides high tensile strength
    • Low profile introducer
    • Low friction with 1:1 torque, during application
  • Product specifications

    REF Snare diameter Catheter Introducer length Snare length PU
    147302 2 mm (2-3) 3F 150 cm 175 cm 1
    147304 4 mm (4-6) 3 F 150 cm 175 cm 1