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neoBLUE® blanket LED Phototherapy System

The neoBLUE blanket system is positioned underneath the baby to deliver phototherapy via a blue LED light source & fiberoptic blanket.

  • General
  • Intensity
  • Comfort & Support
  • Ideal For
  • Most Effective Degradation of Bilirubin

    Meets AAP guidelines for intensive phototherapy

    The neoBLUE blanket system meets AAP Guidelines for intensive, efficacious phototherapy

  • Intensity:

    Delivers intensive phototherapy: >30 µW/cm/nm


    Utilizes blue light emitting diode (LED) technology.  The LED emits blue light in the 450 – 475 nm spectrum — matching the peak absorption wavelength (458 nm) at which bilirubin is broken down

    Surface Area Coverage:

    Delivers phototherapy over a larger effective treatment area than other fiberoptic devices


    • The neoBLUE LED does not emit significant light in the ultraviolet (UV) range — reducing the potential risk of skin damage
    • The neoBLUE LED does not emit significant light in the infrared radiation (IR) range — reducing the potential risk of fluid loss
    • Device automatically shuts off in the event of light box overheating
    • Flashing indicator light alerts user to check for blocked air vents
  • Designed For Comfort & Support

    • Streamlined, oval design conforms to the shape of the baby
    • Large and small blanket sizes available
    • Mattress provides comfortable cushioning underneath the infant
    • Disposable mattress covers ensure clean, soft surface for baby
    • A blanket can be used in conjunction with the neoBLUE blanket for added warmth & comfort
    • Baby can be held or nursed without interrupting phototherapy, encouraging infant-parent bonding
  • Ideal For Use In The NICU, Well-Baby Nursery, or Mother’s Room

    • Portable and lightweight design allows transport to different locations

    Blanket/pad fits easily within existing patient enclosures, such as cribs, bassinets, radiant warmers and incubators