Heart Medical Europe B.V.

Is perfect for a wide array of applications such as ballon catheterization, stent deployment and fluid delivery.

Available in a variety of configurations (from 10cc up to 60cc inflation device) so you can be sure you get exactly what you need.

Further information can be found in the PDF brochure.

  • Specifications
  • Product specifications

    Part number Size Pressure Type
    96241 10cc 15 ATM Standard
    96252 10cc 30 ATM Standard
    96351 14cc 55 ATM Low profile
    96197 20cc 30 ATM Standard
    96358 25cc 30 ATM Low profile
    96311 25cc 40 ATM Low profile
    96313 40cc 15 ATM Low profile
    96314 60cc 15 ATM Low profile