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Specially designed for improved safety to cross the interatrial septum at the fossa ovalis when supported by a transseptal introducer.

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  • Requires 77% less force than a typical transseptal needle*

    Introducing the SafeSept™ Transseptal Guidewire, the first significant advance in left atrial access since the Brockenbrough needle.

    SafeSept is a 0.014 inch diameter nitinol guidewire specifically designed for transseptal puncture. After the transseptal dilator has “tented” the fossa ovalis, effortless advancement of the SafeSept tip perforates the membranous fossa. Unsupported by the needle and dilator, the tip of the wire assumes a ‘J’ shape, rendering it incapable of further tissue penetration.

    A radiopaque coil on the shaft allows for visualization of the wire within the left atrium and proximal white printed markers help approximate the location of the SafeSept tip in relation to the tip of the needle. The transseptal needle, dilator and sheath are then advanced “over the wire” into the left atrium with virtually no possibility of aortic or pericardial perforation.

    Available in 120 and 135cm lengths, the SafeSept Transseptal Guidewire is part of a complete line of implantable device therapy products and accessories from Pressure Products.

    *Calculated from average transseptal needle and transseptal guidewire puncture forces during in vitro design qualification testing.

  • Product specifications

    Model Description Length Diameter
    SS-120 Transseptal Guidewire with radiopaque coil 120cm .014"
    SS-135 Transseptal Guidewire with radiopaque coil 135cm .014"