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S12C Mobile Vision Screener

Plusoptix is the world leader in objective vision screening devices. They are available in 50+ countries. The all new 4th generation screener offers the following features:

Because it's so easy to use it's used by pediatricians, school nurses and Lions clubs alike. Vision Screening can be performed in any child because the only compliance needed is a short fixation of the camera. This fixation is provoked by a specially designed sound target, called a "warble" sound.

  • Features
  • Unique
  • Scope
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  • Features at a glance

    • Validated measurement technology
    • Immediate and reliable pass/refer screening results
    • Binocular testing of both eyes within 1 second
    • Non-invasive operation from 39 inches away
    • Interface to EMR1
    • Print screening report
    • Print self-adhesive label
    • Calibration and maintenance free
    • Eligible for CPT code 99174 (photoscreening)
  • Unique Features

    • Choice of validated sets of referral criteria
    • Prints screening report in pdf-format to SD memory card
    • Medical power adapter and 6 rechargeable AA batteries
    • Ergonomic neck strap and carrying case with shoulder strap
    • 2GB SD memory card
    • Trade-in any used vision screening device (one per device ordered)
    • e.g. iScreen, MTI, PediaVision, plusoptiX (S04 and S08), SureSight and Titmus