Heart Medical Europe B.V.

  • Supplies are designed specifically to obtain optimal ALGO results
  • Clinical studies were conducted with ALGO screener and supplies to validate testing accuracy
  • Clinical data was gathered from large infant populations in real-life clinical environments1
  • Functionality
  • References
  • ALGO Flexicoupler® and Valu-Pak Earphones are Essential for Optimal Performance

    • ALGO earphones' proprietary acoustic properties are key to ALGO screening accuracy - non-ALGO earphones may compromise results2
    • ALGO earphones are manufactured under strict quality and technical standards - non-ALGO earphones are not designed to meet Natus' specifications
    • Patented ALGO cable-to-earphone connection delivers uniform sound to baby's ears

    Natus Earphones and Jelly Tab™ Sensors Allow Fast and Simple Screening

    • Provide secure and comfortable attachment3
    • Facilitate proper connection and removal
  • References:

    1 Clinical data on file at Natus

    2 Published, peer-reviewed clinical studies have not been conducted to validate non-ALGO earphones' equivalency to Natus earphones.

    3 Flexicoupler earphones utilize a hydrogel adhesive; Valu-Pak earphones utilize a pressure sensitive adhesive.