Heart Medical Europe B.V.


neoBLUE® LED Phototherapy System

The neoBLUE system incorporates optimal blue LED technology for the treatment of newborn jaundice.

  • General
  • Safe
  • Features
  • Light Drape
  • Most Effective Degradation of Bilirubin

    Meets AAP Guidelines for Intensive phototherapy

    Blue LEDs emit most of their light in the 450-475 nm spectrum. This range corresponds to the peak absorption wavelength (458 nm) at which bilirubin is broken down.

    Covers Maximum Surface Area

    Arrangement of LEDs allow light to illuminate full surface area of baby

  • Safe

    • neoBLUE LEDs do not emit significant light in the ultraviolet (UV) range - reducing the potential risk of skin damage
    • neoBLUE LEDs do not emit significant light in the infrared radiation (IR) range - reducing the potential risk of fluid loss
  • Versatile light enclosure provides power of multiple lights with just one device

    • With a simple flip of a switch, change from standard (15 µW/cm/nm) to intensive (35 µW/cm/nm) phototherapy
    • Unique red target light enables precise centering of light over baby
    • Can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, and tilted over a wide angle range
    • Rubber feet supplied allow stable placement directly onto incubator

    Roll Stand

    • Includes gas shock mechanism, which maintains a safe pole position during height adjustments
    • Base designed to slide easily under a majority of incubators and cribs

    Optimal Efficiency

    • neoBLUE LEDs reduce costly and timeconsuming bulb replacements
    • Life testing has shown neoBLUE LEDs can emit high intensity phototherapy for over 50,000 hours
    • Biomedical engineers can adjust the output of the neoBLUE LEDs using a potentiometer
    • neoBLUE LED panel is field serviceable – no downtime associated with patient care
  • Available Light Drape designed to block light from caregivers

    • Design ensures vents on the neoBLUE device are not blocked during use
    • Created from cotton or cotten-blend fabrics and machine washable