Heart Medical Europe B.V.

QualiBra Advanced combines the supreme QualiBra postoperative breast support with a unique version of the QualiBreath sternum and thorax support.

  • General
  • Distinctive benefits of QualiBra Advanced:

    • Less pain
      - weight strain on the sternal sutures and wound are eliminated
    • Less wound complications
      - heat and moisture generation is prevented
      - the sternal wound is kept dry and free of excess breast tissue
    • More aesthetic wound healing
      - squeezing and deformation of the sternal wound between breasts is avoided and promotes a nicer wound healing
    • Breast support maintained during wound care
      - open the upper front closure and keep the underbust band closed
    • Women’s dignity preserved - the breasts remain covered during wound care


    In addition, QualiBra Advanced provides:

    • Continuous lateral sternum support - Potentially prevents complications such as deep sternal wound infections and dehiscence
    • Pain control during coughing, sneezing, respiratory exercises - facilitates additional lateral chest support when needed
    • Integrated pockets in the chest band on each side of the sternum - allows the patient to place her thumbs or fingers inside to effectively manage additional pain
    • Designed to meet the needs of women with arthritis in their hands - even if the joints of the hands are affected by arthritis, the pockets can be used effortlessly for extra support