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Qualibreath Pediatric

QualiBreath can help your child’s recovery after open heart surgery or other interventions in the chest.

It decreases pain, decreases the risk of complications, minimises clicking and popping of the sternum bone and kids can breathe easier with the help of QualiBreath.

  • General
  • It is a patented chest harness with integrated handles for increased support that was designed by a nurse (and mom of three). Created specifically to help you child recover better, faster and with less complications after open heart surgery.


    QualiBreath supports the sore respiratory muscles, the chest and your child’s rib cage with it’s thorax surrounding design that stabilises the sternum from the sides.


    The vest features special handles that allows little patients to increase the support when they need it most. Coughing, deep breathing and early return to normal activity and play can be very painful after surgery, yet are very important for a quick and complication free recovery. Kids can use the handles to get extra support also when sneezing or straining.


    Using a support such as QualiBreath has been scientifically proven to reduce complications and pain after open heart surgery via a sternotomy.


    QualiBreath is the only dual function chest support binder (constant support plus integrated handles) and it is most likely the most comfortable external chest brace available.


    QualiBreath splints your child’s chest 24/7 and you won’t need to be hugging a pillow. When feeling pain, straining or about to cough or sneeze, simply grab the integrated handles, which are always ready in the right position, to increase the support around your rib cage.