Heart Medical Europe B.V.


neoBLUE® compact LED Phototherapy System

The neoBLUE compact system provides intensive blue light in a versatile & efficient design for treating newborn jaundice.

  • General
  • Safe
  • Configurations
  • Color balanced
  • Convenience
  • Meets AAP Guidelines for intensive phototherapy

    • Features 2 intensity settings to switch between standard (15 µW/cm²/nm) and intensive (35 µW/cm²/nm) phototherapy
    • Utilizes blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) to emit blue light in the 450-470 nm spectrum matching the peak absorption wavelength (458 nm) at which bilirubin in broken down
    • Exposes a large amount of the infant’s skin to treatment
  • Safe

    • neoBLUE LEDs do not emit significant ultraviolet (UV) light – reducing the potential risk of skin damage
    • neoBLUE LEDs do not emit significant infrared  (IR) light  – reducing the potential risk of fluid loss
  • Designed for multiple configurations

    • Use the light independently by placing directly on top an incubator
    • Combine with the arm for attaching to the pole mount accessory of most incubators and radiant warmers
    • Attach the light and arm to the roll stand and use for infants in a bassinet, open bed, incubator or radiant warmer

    Smart arm design

    • Arm rotating joints and gooseneck provides multiple adjustment with drift-free positioning
    • Light and arm can be easily moved out of the way to attend to baby
    • Nurses can easily attach and remove the light and arm at the bedside without tools
  • Color balanced for nurses and family

    • Twelve blue LEDs are mixed with a small amount of light from the white LEDs to soften the appearance of the blue treatment light while maintaining treatment efficacy
    • Nurses and family sensitive to blue light will appreciate the softer baby blue appearance of the light

    Brilliant white Exam Light

    • Nine white LEDs provide bright illumination
    • Neutral white light provides (true) color -  ideal for general examination
    • Perfect for monitoring babies, skin assessments, starting IVs, labs, and basic exams
    • Provides cost and space efficient solution with added functionality
  • Designed for convenience and ease of use

    • Easily switch between blue treatment light and white exam light
    • Treatment timer allows for tracking of the total number of treatment hours per patient
    • Device timer assists in tracking overall usage of the neoBLUE LEDs
    • Indicator lights to ensure light has power connected and is working properly
    • Suction cup feet to secure on top of flat or curved incubator tops
    • neoBLUE LEDs reduce costly and time-consuming bulb replacements by providing over 40,000 hours of use at high intensity³