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A&E Medical offers three ball end sternal needles. The atraumatic ball end needles with no sharp edges can reduce bleeding during suture placement.

  • Ball End Sternal Needles
  • Single Sternal Wire
  • Double Sternal Wire
  • Sternotomy Sutures: Ball End Sternal Needles

    A&E Medical offers three ball end sternal needles. The atraumatic ball end needles with no sharp edges can reduce bleeding during suture placement.

    Tapered Tip

    The tapered tip facilitates tissue penetration.

    Available on A&E Medical Monofilament and Double Sternal Wires

    All three needle options available on both A&E Medical monofilament single sternal wires and Double Sternal Wires (DoubleWire).

    Blunt Design Can Decrease Risk of Needlestick Injuries

    See: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, “Use of Blunt-Tip Suture

    Needles to Decrease Percutaneous Injuries to Surgical Personnel,” pub 2008-101 (Washington, DC: US Department of Health and Human Services, March 2007).


  • Sternotomy Sutures: MYO/Wire II – Stainless Steel Suture Wires

    A&E Medical Corporation manufactures a complete line of monofilament, 316L stainless steel sutures suitable for sternotomy closure. A&E Medical has developed an especially flexible and pliable sternotomy suture wire which offers the following advantages when compared to other stainless steel sutures:

    Stainless Steel Sternal Wire More Resistant to Breakage

    The increased flexibility makes the stainless steel sternal wire more resistant to breakage during tightening and twisting.

    Better Approximation of the Sternum

    The increased flexibility allows the stainless steel sternal wire to conform more closely to the contours of the sternum than other less flexible wires. This closer conformance to the sternum allows the wire to achieve a more even distribution of the forces required to maintain a proper sternal approximation. With the forces more evenly distributed, there are fewer areas of concentrated pressure that could be potential areas of post-operative wire tear-through. The end result is a more stable sternal approximation.

    Meets US and International Specifications for Suture Wire

    MYO/WIRE II meets the ASTM F138 & ISO 5832-1 standards for implant grade surgical fixation sternotomy suture wire. The proprietary wire properties meet all the requirements of the standards, yet provide a flexible, pliable, and easier to work suture than other brands.

  • Sternotomy Sutures: Double Sternal Wire

    High Strength Sternotomy Closure System

    • The Double Sternal Wire provides twice the surface area, twice the tensile strength, and eight times the shear strength of a monofilament sternotomy suture.
    • Tapered junction to permit easier transternal or peristernal placement. (see picture 1 below)
    • The Double Sternal Wire is quickly and easily installed with the use of the DoubleWire twister. To achieve a consistent and strong twisting result, the twister hook is pulled upward with a simultaneous rotation of the wrist. (see picture 2 below)