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Fully adjustable cushion provides post-operative comfort to surgical site when wearing a bra.

Following implantation of a pacemaker, defibrillator, chemotherapy port, or other medical procedure, wearing a bra can sometimes irritate the surgical site. That's why we developed the comfortHer bra strap pad.
Made of a silky-soft, washable tricot nylon fabric with triple-padding and unique internal stiffeners, the comfortHer pad gently protects the post-surgical area from the constant rubbing of your bra strap during everyday activities.

Easily adjusted to fit any bra, the comfortHer pad’s low profile enables it to be worn under most any of your clothing without being seen.
Stay comfortable after surgery with the comfortHer bra strap pad, available only from Pressure Products.

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    CH-1 comfortHer Post-Surgery Bra Strap Pad