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D’VILL™ Introducer

The NuMED D’VILL Introducer consists of a dilator and sheath, with a hemostasis valve and side port on the proximal end of the sheath assembly. There is a single image band embedded in the distal end of the sheath tubing for imaging purposes.

Recommended for introduction of balloons, catheters and other diagnostic and interventional devices.

  • General
  • D’VILL™ Introducer

    For Introduction of Large Diameter Interventional Devices

    The D’VILL™ Introducer features a long length braided sheath providing optimal flexibility and kink resistance.

    • Available in 10F, 12F, 14F Sheath Sizes - 30cm and 85cm Lengths
    • Compatible with CP Stent® and BIB® Catheters