Heart Medical Europe B.V.


AVflo™ Vascular Access Graft

AVflo, Nicast’s  CE certified polyurethane vascular access graft, provides a high-end solution to hemodialysis patients, improving patient care and reducing hospitalization time. The AVflo is the first vascular access graft to exploit the unique properties of electrospun nanofabric.

  • General
  • AVflo’s self-sealing synthetic nanofabric provides:

    • excellent primary and secondary patency (unobstructed blood flow)
    • early access, enabling dialysis within 24-48 hours after implantation
    • rapid arterial and venous puncture sealing (less than 5 minutes) following dialysis needle withdrawal
    • rapid sealing (less than 5 minutes) of suture perforations and halting of blood weeping
    • easy suturing of graft to blood vessels
    • easy implantation; no end-to-end twisting of graft during implantation
    • easily palpable thrill (blood flow vibration)

    AVflo is offered in the following configurations:

    • Linear graft for straight (non U-bend) implantation
    • Coiled grafts for U-bend implantation. The coiled grafts are offered in center-coil and non-center-coil versions.

    The AVflo is made of medical grade biocompatible polycarbonateurethane.