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The Toronto Transseptal Catheter is designed to create a controlled transseptal puncture through the atrial septum by delivering radiofrequency energy.  Physicians have used the catheter when confronted with a septum that is thick, fibrotic, aneurysmal, or when the left atrium is very small. The catheter is more controlled at crossing the septum than a traditional transseptal needle, and is more effective than a needle at crossing a difficult septum. Unlike the transseptal needle, the Toronto Transseptal
Catheter does not rely on mechanical force and is more flexible than a needle at approaching your puncture site.

  • General
  • General

    • The catheter has a rounded and atruamatic tip design that reduces the risk of inadvertent mechanical perforation
    • The distal end of the catheter shaft is curved so that it may be safely advanced into the left side of the heart
    • The proximal luer lock of the catheter allows for diagnostic pressure monitoring that would assist with confirming the location of the catheter in the heart
    • Four side-holes at the distal end of the catheter facilitate the delivery of contrast dye as well as with monitoring a diagnostic pressure waveform.
    • A depth marking on the proximal end of the catheter aids in positioning the tip of the catheter in relation to the tip of the dilator