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PowerWireTM Radiofrequency Guidewire

The PowerWireTM Radiofrequency (RF) Guidewire is designed to assist you when your standard guidewire is insufficient. The PowerWireTM RF Guidewire cuts through occlusions by delivering radiofrequency energy. Delivered radiofrequency energy vaporizes a channel through occlusions with minimal trauma to surrounding tissue.

Additionally, mechanical force can also be applied with the PowerWireTM RF Guidewire just as with a traditional guidewire. Physicians have used the wire when treating conditions associated with vascular occlusions and obstructions.

  • General
  • Specifications
  • Safe and easy use

    • The distal five centimeters of the wire is softer than the body of the wire, ending at the rounded, radiopaque tip to prevent unwanted tissue damage
    • The stiff 0.035” body of the wire in combination with both straight and angled distal end configurations, allows for effective torqueability and steerability
    • The low-friction insulation on the wire provides lubricity for easy manipulation within vessels
    • Just like a guidewire, the PowerWireTM RF Guidewire allows for the loading and delivery of balloon cathetersover its 250 cm long exchange length.
  • Product specifications

    Model TUN35-250-5S; straight
      TUN35-250-5A; short 45˚ angle
      TUN35-250-5A15; relaxed 45˚ angle
    Body Outer Diameter 0.035 inch / 0.89 mm
    Overall Length 250 cm
    Distal Floppy Section Length 5 cm