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Protective Covers

These covers are made of high quality, seamless elastic latex. They are specially designed for maximum flexibility and safety during intracavity examinations with ultrasound. Form-fitted for a snug fit over the transducer face, to ensure that no air bubbles can cause image artifacts.

The seven different sizes of the protective covers are developed to fit intracavity transducers from various manufacturers. Leak resistance tested. Packaged in hygienic individually easy-to-tear foil packages.

  • Specifications
  • Product specifications

    Safe Scan 7 Part No: 200-1193
    L: 285mm, D: 19mm
    Safe Scan 9 Part No: 260-1046
    L: 55mm, D: 13.5mm
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    Safe Scan 73 Part No: 260-3073
    L: 200mm, D: 20mm
    Safe Scan 77 Part No: 260-3077
    L: 300mm, D: 26mm
    Safe Scan 82 Part No: 260-3082
    L: 310mm, D: 17mm
    Safe Scan 84 Part No: 260-3084
    L: 300mm, D: 30mm
    Safe Scan 93 Part No: 260-3093
    L: 195mm, D: 33mm